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A Voyage of Self Discovery, holistic health and wellness.

We are so glad you’re here! Vom lounge believes that knowledge and inclusivity, is an optimal path to wellness. We look forward to sharing with you the techniques we’ve learned that will vastly improve your quality of life. Browse below to learn more about our Holistic Center. Vom lounge, (medical marijuana lounge community members Inc)


Our programs/classes are a mix of flow and dynamic community initiatives. Our main focus and priority is "Harm reduction" introducing to community the healing path of "Kamimina" a Dakota word for "Butter fly" as is the concept of life's journey, the struggles of existing, growth/ over coming, development/morphing into the Kamimina/ butterfly.
                "Struggle and emergence".

VOM, is the membership Medical user, component providing  consulting & referral services that are catered specifically to membership needs. (focusing on patients new to medical marijuana use). Education is priority; Take a look below at the services VOM, offer's and get in touch to become involved or a member. immediate results, On your path of self-care and good health, also available for 60 scoop, residential school survivors, specific programs and community & cultural supports. "every one is connected" a traditional concept and fundamental of Kamimina programs @ Vom office. 1-500 Bannatyne ave. Wpg, Mb. (204)417-2040. director: Azouwa. Kent

VOM medical marijuana Office:

Bringing You the piece of mind, and knowledge in cannabis education and selfcare. 

Welcome! At Vom our goal is to offer community with  a broad range of cannabis/medical marijuana educational classes and services. As well as First Nations specific focus healing Initiatives: "Kamimina" is our First nations focused "Harm reduction" initiative and healing reconnection/ reconciliation programs for First nation community. Providing, assistance to you education services and or referrals. Educating the Medical user, in medical marijuana, for personal health care. Situated in the City center, Winnipeg area, we incorporate a variety of practices into our  programs, networks and referral services. We know that over-all health is not a one size fits all care plan, so we help each one of you find the right information and networks for your needs. Are you ready to make a positive change in your lifestyle?


Community initiatives: Grassroots initiatives focusing on health and well being. Bringing community and people together. arts, education and wellness; medical marijuana & methods of use. Patient member well being focused need & supports services; 60 scoop initiative, reconnection and reconciliation, our path/ journey of healing and re-connection with Culture and Identity." Kamimina" Firstnations grassroots programs. available at 1-500 bannatyne ave. wpg.Mb.

VOM here to assist you with your medical marijuana educational & Community support needs.


* making strategic decisions to developing your capabilities, VOM educational and resource office, is here to help. Using our expertise and deep knowledge & understanding of the industry, (medical marijuana) you’ll receive updated knowledge and solutions, for your own personal care. experience true results, network & consultation; Get in touch to become a member;

Through strategic planning and a cohesive team-building approach, our members have managed to get the results they sought after from our diverse community programs & consulting services. 
VOM Education & community resources.
non-profit grassroots initiative.

Medical marijuana office and educational services. Cannabis networks and referrals also provided.

Get ready to glow inside and out. Visit VOM medical marijuana office; to nurture your divine spirit, enhance your wellness, and take your health to the next level. With our wide variety of classes / programs available for all levels, everyone is truly welcome. 

 Programs & Services

Something for Everyone

Stretching Class

knowledge sharing

welcoming our diverse populations/communities City of Winnipeg

est; 2013


VOM was est by three founders in 2013. re-vised 2020. Non-profit org, non-GMO. Focusing on Health care needs of patients seeking better and alternatives means to personal health management.

Community events & Cannabis Consultation.

Social networks and building bridges

person centered focus, addressing the gaps in personal health. providing  referrals & networking. healthy living programs and educational workshops. focusing on medical marijuana use.


mental health matters

Mind is a important Matter, empowering, through supports and networking, providing cannabis consultations and medical marijuana educational programs. Vom, is your support team!


VOM est 2013, focusing on community needs and educational gaps regarding personal health care.

Cannabis education, personal health care planning & maintaining health. 

native eagle.jpg

Culturally diverse.

inclusivity, is key to balance.

Empowerment, knowledge sharing, cultural access. Building community bridges, socializing events. (promoting sobriety & good health)

VOM community member events.

VOM medical marijuana lounge community members Inc.


Cannabis education, what is medical marijuana, programs for basic knowledge. Focusing on personal care. Referrals, & networking. VOM is a non-profit and as such holds community events fundraising, as well offer a private members access, medical marijuana users.

VOM community office
members /private membership.
and First Nations program "Kamimina" 
Harm reduction/ health/ reconciliation program.


VOM located in Winnipeg, 1-500 Bannatyne Ave Tel: (204) 417-2040, or email:

Offering public community services, and space for our First Nations program "kamimina" to assist you with your choices regarding medical marijuana use, and personal health issues. supporting our private membership, with updates from Health Canada. Staying informed and educated in the on-goin changes with regulation regarding cannabis/ medical marijuana. community initiatives and cultural activities and involvement for personal well being and growth. 



1-500 Bannatyne ave Winnipeg Manitoba R3L0C3 


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